Have needle felted eyes for my Elsa s Frozen amigurumi crochet dolls

Amigurumi eye technique inspiration: Needle felted eyes for Elsa Frozen amigurumi crochet doll

Утяжка вязаных игрушек - Мордочка-глаза-волосы - Форум почитателей амигуруми…

Вязаные куклы крючком.

Утяжка вязаных игрушек - Мордочка-глаза-волосы - Форум почитателей амигуруми…

Руки на каркасе и прикрепление их к туловищу - Руки-ноги-хвосты - Форум почитателей амигуруми (вязаной игрушки)

Куколки. Амигуруми.

Hands on the frame, and attach them to the body - hands, feet, tails - Forum admirers amigurumi (knitted toys)

My latest design in "Sculpturingface", nose and mouth are crocheted seamlessly with the head, no needle sculpturing for this. Original technique and design by Sculpturingface

Seamless crocheted of amigurumi male head with nose & ears, without needle sculpturing Original design by Sculpturingface

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Amigurumi Tutorial en Español: Cómo dar Forma con Relieve a la Cara de un Amigurumi Femenino paso a paso aquí: http://hamabeadstyle.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/tutorial-como-dar-forma-con-relieve-la.html?spref=pi

Hama Style & Amigurumis: [TUTORIAL] How to shape embossed on the face of a female amigurumi

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