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an outdoor sink with flowers on the outside
Potting Bench
a potted planter filled with plants and gardening implements on top of green grass
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a man kneeling down next to a cat in the grass with a cage over his head
Strawberry cage
Want to harvest more strawberries? Follow this one simple tip!
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a potted planter with succulents and rocks in it on a deck
35+ Affordable and Creative DIY Backyard Decor Ideas
several potted plants sit on a metal shelf in front of a red painted wall
35+ Upcycled Container Gardens and Yard Art Made on the Cheap
Old or reproduction food tins make terrific pots for annual flowers or houseplants. Group them by a theme, such as candy, coffee or veggies, or mix them up for a quaint and colorful collection. Design by Nancy Ondra
an old wooden wheel with flowers growing on it's sides in a garden area
35+ Upcycled Container Gardens and Yard Art Made on the Cheap
This wheelbarrow almost looks as if it got mistakenly left out in the yard and the flowers took over and made it their home.