To your very good health: Keeping the Soviet people well
22 Pins
As these healthy-living posters testify, the Soviet regime took the health of its citizens seriously. Primary concerns were alcoholism, a key cause of low productivity, and better childhood nutrition, to ensure the rude health of the next generation of communists.
'What you could buy your children for the price of a litre of vodka' (1929)

Soviet ANTI-Alcohol Poster Unknown artist Now what could you have bought the kids for the cost of that liter of vodka?

'Don't drink Dad!'  Soviet anti-drinking poster

Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, Alcohol gives me huge guns! ("Dad, do not drink" from

Sport, not spirits  Soviet anti-drinking poster

Sport, not spirits Soviet anti-drinking poster

'Winter or summer, ice cream is tasty and good for you!'

Variety of ice cream flavours, as presented by this Soviet poster by milk and dairy product industry union. Reads "Summer or winter, both healthy and delicious" ;