The 6 Principles of Design Infographic

The 6 Principles of Design / Infographic / pointers / unity and harmony / balance / hierarchy / scale and proportion / dominance / emphasis / similarity and contrast

A Visual Thinking Methodology by infografia, via Flickr

A visual explanation about the process of a Visual Thinking methodology

The Skills Required To Be A Good Designer

Whoever wrote this must NOT have been a graphic designer because all of these things are used in different mediums of graphic design. Also if something is for designers, make sure your design is damn good. The Skills Required To Be A Good Designer.

Design Process Flowchart. #albertobokos

During the thinking process, we always expand our ideas and tend to lost original direction. To bring back the focus, this chart is a guide to set designer’s thinking back to intended direction.

The Triangle design process.

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Types of data visualisation/ could be useful for presenting research findings!

Infographic about infographics: Types of data visualization, from the Information is Beautiful Awards

Ten Essentials of Good Design #ux #vizthink

Elements of Design: Ten essentials of good design ~ Autodesk's "Imagine, Design, Create: How Designers, Architects, & Engineers are Changing Our World"