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This is how two people with distinct styles can cultivate a well-designed home. It& filled with original neon lights, antiques and lots of color.

Рогатые вешалки + 1 / Мебель / Своими руками - выкройки, переделка одежды, декор интерьера своими руками - от ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

I love these ideas for repurposing wooden hangers. While they are probably best as hangers these ideas to give them another useful life are great. ReFab Diaries: Repurpose: Hang on to your Wood Hangers!


'When words fail music speaks' Neon " I'll have to say I love you, in a song" Thanks Jim Croce!

Cult Gaia Pop Up Shop Teal Wall Neon Light Palms

what do you get when you combine a neon sign, statement wall, and palms?


DIY wooden coat rack from a branch You end up with more professional and consistent results. The simplest shape for a novice is a rectangular or square one. Obviously, you've to remember to consider exactly what sort you're acquiring.

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Parisian Industrial Farmer’s Market Wedding: This would be cool to do in the kitchen or kids room as a pretend farmers market!

Melbourne / Restaurant ★

Feast of Merit — Richmond, Melbourne. kind-hearted restaurant celebrates the Indian people who party till there's nothing left. 2 minutes walk from our apartment The Richmond Club