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156 curtidas, 8 comentários - Hélène (@ceti_tattoo) no Instagram: “Des fois on fait des tout petits tatouages. #wave #tattoo #tatouage #wavetattoo #tinytattoo…”

Wave tattoo can be a simple image that you get because you find it fashionable or an elaborate design with deep symbolism.

Simple wave tattoo. I like this style of stroke. Where it thins out towards the ends.

A wave symbolized as one of the strongest forces on Earth. So strenght for one. Also, if you read more into it, it's about faith; a wave is you against mother nature, you cannot control it, you just have to put faith into her.

Grey sweater dress, tennis shoes, hat and leather bag. Minimal, casual street style chic

You'd be hard-pressed to find a New Yorker who only wears black. And it doesn't matter if you aren't a New Yorker, you can work these styles no matter where you are.

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There are 2 tips to buy this bag: leather backpack school backpack leather colour block coloured black pastel brown red s and purses blue beige hand tan black tan.