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an elephant with a monkey riding on it's back in front of a tree
an image of a cat in the water with fish around it's neck and eyes
paper cut outs with different types of jellyfish and octopus faces on them, all in various colors
a cartoon slotty with feathers on its head sitting in the middle of the floor
a panda bear floating on top of a colorful ball in the air with its arms out
a whale with balloons floating from it's mouth canvas art print on white background
Andy Westface - Canvas Prints & Wall Art | iCanvas
Spider Quiet Book Pattern, Felt Sewing PDF & SVG Pattern, DIY Sensory Book Template for Toddler.
The SPIDER has 8 colorful LEGS that can be bent freely and adjusted to the corresponding circles, practicing the ability to NAME and MATCH COLORS. I placed beads in the joints that can be moved. You can also rotate the spider around its axis, detach it and hold it comfortably in hands. On the SPIDER WEB you will find plenty of buttons for SENSORY STIMULATION and beads for moving, developing fine motor skills of the hands.
Гарри Поттер. Книжка для детей от Feltcuts
Книжка Гарри Поттер из фетра ручной работы для малышей от 1 года. Купить книжку Гарри Поттер можно на нашем сайте