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a tweet that reads, math teacher your homework looks like chicken scratch but you got them all correct later at home i think she's on us,
I think she’s on to us.
a big yellow stuffed animal sitting at a table with people working on laptops
meme - my brain everyday
an image of two women with hats on and one is wearing a hat, the other has
Worth reading, Senior's version of These are a Few of My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews. Wonderful!
a tweet that reads after many years of marriage, the one piece of advice i can give is this for some reason they just really really like the towels folded in thirds
a blue car parked on top of a parking lot next to a building with the words dear were using my car as a salt lick
an old woman sitting in front of a painting with the caption i don't usually think about what i say before i say it
an oppomus with the caption if you want things to get better you have to make some changes
kermit the frog sitting in a car and another image with caption that reads, my favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes makes this face
The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet
an image of the lord in game of thrones with text that reads, me seeing the
a black and white photo of a person's skull with the caption pelvis
21 Smart Posts from the Dumb People of Tumblr
29 Chuckle-Worthy Memes That Have Comedic Powers
29 Chuckle-Worthy Memes That Have Comedic Powers