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a white desk with drawers on top of it in a room next to a radiator
Sängstomme med maximal sängförvaring - Hemma hos folkeorg
Sängstomme med maximal sängförvaring - Ett inredningsalbum på StyleRoom av folkeorg
an open cabinet with wooden shelves on the bottom and one shelf in the middle is empty
DIY Cabinet Pull Outs
Since we've moved into this house I've been frustrated with the lower cabinets in our kitchen. There is a lot of space, but it is so hard to get to anything. I knew I wanted to install cabinet pullout drawers for two of the lower cabinets so we could better utilize this space. Let me show you how I did this simple project!
an ikea hack desk and dresser combo in a child's bedroom with the words ikea hack on it
IKEA Hack - For a Built-In Look
a refrigerator and pantry in a small kitchen
Hidden Fridge Gap Slide-Out Pantry
an open door to a kitchen with a refrigerator in the back ground and cabinets on either side
冷蔵庫の横に狭い引き出し式収納を作ります❤ VA2053 引き出しスライドと VADANIA ハンドルブラケット付き❤
#vadania #室内装飾 #キッチンの装飾 #改造 #引き出しスライド #木工 #木工品 #ライフスキル #人生のヒント #diy #キッチンリフォーム
there is a toilet in the bathroom with plants on the shelf above it and other items nearby
there is a bike parked in the corner of this small building with its door open
a small bedroom with a bed, window and fireplace in the corner next to it
an open wooden cabinet sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
an open door on the side of a wall next to a stair case and tiled floor
Öffnung für Dachbodenluken
Klick um das Bild zu schließen, klick und ziehe um zu verschieben. Benutze Pfeiltasten für vor und zurück.
a bedroom with a bed, dresser and door
Malthouse and Summer
an open drawer in the middle of a bed
an empty hallway with white walls and wooden flooring is lit by recessed lights
Smart storage system
there is a bed that has been built into the wall with no sheets on it
a kitchen with an oven, microwave and shelves in the wall next to each other
Tiny living
ikea kallax + norbo + wheels furniture and accessories for the living room
a home office with built - in shelving and desk
an open cabinet in a kitchen filled with spices and condiments on the shelves
In veel keukenkasten worden legplanken gebruikt. Hiermee benut je de ruimte van de kast natuurlijk goed, maar zeker bij kasten die veel worden gebruikt is dit niet de beste oplossing. De spullen die achteraan in de kast staan zijn niet altijd even goed bereikbaar. Onze uittrekmanden zijn hiervoor dé perfecte oplossing.
a living room with a couch, coffee table and mirror on the wall above it