Ekaterina Goldina

Ekaterina Goldina

Ekaterina Goldina
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voka art - Google zoeken

Colourful and Dynamic Paintings of Voka Voka born lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. He coined the term “Spontaneous Realism” as a trademark for his art. Voka defines this style as a revival of the.

Noe Two - Mr. Brown

Bear Cub Gallery is preparing a magnificent group pop-up inspired by the ancient Ark, while directing attention to the today's endangered species.

Abstract 005 Digital Art by Rafael Salazar

Barranquilla introduced him to the world of arts amongst some of the most renowned Colombian artists from el 'Grupo Barranquilla' during the La Cueva era. Today, Rafael is dedicated to painting an array of creation.

David Walker "Swapping Soul with Strangers"

David Walker is a good example of style repetition. He has a unique style that can be identified throughout his works. The repetition is in his colour theme and applications of colours used to structure his art. The colours are well defined and strongly s