Weird Japanese Inventions

You can't say that the Japanese are not inventive.
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I would NOT be caught dead wearing these

Do you believe how funny shoes people can wear and how funny the shoes design could be? Here we have collected the top 30 funny shoe pictures which will make

Really?  That borders on taking advantage of an active baby.

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Now to me, that is not a bad idea at all, a little hot maybe.........

Rain-proof umbrella For those times when a regular umbrella isn't enough. 17 Hilariously Crazy and Brilliant Inventions Only Japan Could Have Thought Up I NEED one of these umbrellas!

Just plain weird

Chopstick Fan For those times when you're hungry, but don't want to wait for your noodles to cool on their own. 17 Hilariously Crazy and Brilliant Inventions Only Japan Could Have Thought Up 16

Oh no way in hell! Although I have been that sick before.

handy when you have a cold. I need to get a couple to have on hand in the classroom for those runny nose seasons!

All I can say is those trains must be really rough riding if your standing

The sleep helmet-the ideal gift for the ideal gift for busy commuter. Suction pad prevents embarrassing head-bobbing while enjoying a power nap.


Daddy Nurser Chindogu: This one caters to all the fathers out there suffering pangs of breast envy. It lets the eager daddy strap on breast-shaped feeding bottles and nurse his little one just like mommy does. Would Kasey have worn this?