Лиза Круглякова

Лиза Круглякова

Лиза Круглякова
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Happy birthday to me.

{Patrick Stump} Hi! I'm Patrick, and my dad is Kilgrave. I have the power to control minds but I try not to use it.

That smile though...

The perfect answer In the end fall out boy long ass titles are useful

Its Patrick!!!!

Patrick Stump was the love of my life when he was lead singer for Fall Out Boy & now hes all skinnyy omgggggg<< Uhm. He's still the lead singer of Fall Out Boy.

Oh,Patrick.I just want to squeeze you in my arms until he pops.But,I'll never get to do that.

Patrick acting like he's so hot is just the most adorable thing in the world!>>To be fair he IS so hot>> yeah that's not acting