Sweep away

z- Sweep Away Threats of Socialism, Factionalism & Separatism (Prop- Spanish Nationalist (Falangist)- Civil War)


Spain: "The bear of Madrid will destroy fascism" Spanish civil war poster


The fascist beast murders and destroys. The International Red Aid brings hope and assistance


Do not let your family live the drama of the war: To evacuate Madrid is to help in the final victory


The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil War

Death to all fascist

Remember in your heart this watchword: To attack is to win

Kids on war

Spain - - GC - poster - Collaborate with International Red Aid and its effort to help children


The Visual Front - Posters of the Spanish Civil War


Rare Posters, Drawings From the Spanish Civil War on View at Geisel Library Through May 2012


Stalin´s Spain: Civil war poster of the Stalinist Partido Comunista de Espana (Communist Party of Spain): more interesting in defeating


Comite Nacional A. -- Oficina de Informacion y Propaganda. Created by Manuel MonleÌ_n. First published in Spain by theåÊ Comite Nacional C., [between 1936 and as a color lithogr


The Spanish Civil War digital collections at the University of California, San Diego, are part of the Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection of the Mandeville Special Collections Library, the largest extant collection of materials on the war.