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a sign that says do not trust atomics they make up everything
Funn Geeks - The Hub of Viral News
Do Not Trust #quote #funngeeks...I love puns :)
an old black and white photo with the caption crazy is a relatives term in my family
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Insanity in my family…
a cat is jumping up in the air on top of a bed with another cat
Amandala's Profile - Amandala's Favorites
a police officer standing on top of a car with an alligator laying in the road
【Caixa Pretta】 « Desmistificando Produtos
Stay where you are!
the instructions for how to draw a cartoon character's hand and foot in different positions
On life and time.
How to pick up chicks.
an image of a car dashboard with the words over protective dad
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there are many jars of food on the shelves in this store and one is labeled little late but thanks
Good Placement
Now who was the genius who thought to put these here?
a squirrel is looking through the glass door to get into the house with it's head stuck in the handlebars
Puppies Are Prozac
Hello, Mrs. Piper? The birds want me to tell you the feeder’s empty.