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When Jesus said, “It is finished”, what did he mean?
a woman with long red hair wearing glasses and a turtle neck sweater looks at the camera
I’m afraid to return to Mass in person. And it’s not because of Covid.
a poem written in red and black with the words, read this in science i may not understand how everything will work out
the book of the bible info sheet for children's books, including one page chart sheets
Books of the Bible At-a-Glance Printables — Teach Sunday School
Books of the Bible Printable Handouts. The perfect supplement to any Bible lesson- good for all ages!
two women with headscarves and one wearing a hijab is shown in three different pictures
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Muslims are not the terrorists that claim to be of their religion, just as Christians are not the KKK, who claim to be a part of their religion.
a sign that reads, when someone asks how did you become a christian? now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down upside down
HAHAHAHA...if u know the song..then u know why I'm laughing so hard!!!....
a woman with long hair is smiling at the camera and has words on her chest that read exactly
Being a single woman who loves Jesus has a journey of its own. If you've ever related to these 10 real struggles, sister, you are not alone.   1. When he's cute and has a great personality, but doesn't follow Christ...   2. When God showed you he's not the one, but you keep catching feelings...   3. When someone suggests you should get out and meet people, but you love being at home more...   4. Wondering if you've been called to a lifet...
a squirrel with the caption when you already started eating and someone says let's pray
Morning Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics
Morning Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics
a dark sky with stars and the words, don't shine so that others can see
Keeping our eyes on HIM at all times.
an image of some cartoon characters in different stages of being married to eachother
what is color theory ??
4 Kinds of Love, and the Truest is the Last. Agape Love isn't an emotion. It's a choice.
a man and child standing on top of a hill with the words, the closer we are to the shepherd, the safer we are from the wolverines
The Jesus Girl