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Glubokin Sergey
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Functional Viking Headpiece from the Birka Archeological Site | Margaret "Mairghread" Wilcox -

Birka was a Viking settlement on the Swedish island of Björkö located on Lake Mälar near present day Stockholm. The settlement was established in the late century and abandoned in the century. It has been being excavated since the

Skjoldehamn outfit (970-1050) Norway (ED: Reconstructed here as a man's outfit--now believed to have been worn by a woman)

In 1936 a body was discovered in a bog near Skjoldehamn (Skjold harbour) on the Norwegian island of Andøya. The find included a complete costume consisting of a shirt, a kirtle, shirt, belt, trouse…

Grey Viking Hat Complete ~ The Needles Excellency

I finally finished the first of the grey wool Viking hats. I'd made some really basic mistakes, ie forgot about sewing order, that helps to .

Viking, Haithabu. Version of costume. Nice enterpretation. Dont know about the hood though.

A simple kit done well is superior in every way to an elaborate kit done badly. Each part of this kit is based on documentary and archaeological evidence.