Cayman Islands...

Stingray City, Cayman Islands - stingrays everywhere and you can feed them (been there, done that!

I Love the ocean and have a deep respect for it! I have a strong connection with the ocean and It is a huge part of my everyday life! If you love the ocean, .

Bora Bora Island One of The Most Exotic and Romantic Islands

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Summer Fun

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A giant swan pool toy so you can float around in style. Great for a pool or ocean themed bachelorette party!

swim with the dolphins

This is a big one, I want to swim with dolphins! I love that some of my dreams seem too big or difficult to achieve, but I know I can! And one day, I WILL swim with dolphins =)

swimming with stingrays

so grateful to have been able to travel in my life so far. Grand Cayman will always be a revisited favorite!