Tats for granny

I love tattoos . One of my best friends and very favorite people is a tattoo artist . But doesn't there come a point in time to say it's enough!

Just another of Blanche's unique friends

Riding My Bike In Black and White Stripes!: This bike looks like it's out of a Dr. Seuss novel or something. Whoever designed this bike sure took a lot of time

Walmart Called - Your Christmas Photos Are ready (24 pics) - Seriously, For Real?

Walmart Christmas Whips and Chains from Santa and Mrs. Claus: It looks like Santa and Mrs. Claus are having a very merry christmas and a happy new year complete

old hippies

I don't want to grow old necessarily. I want to grow old as the me that I have always been, but, was too busy, too poor or too shy to be.

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Bad Family Photos: 16 Funny & Awkward Gems

Funny Miley Cyrus "Like a Wrecked Bird" Tour. If only Miley had her tongue out, I would have known her right off.

Happy Easter, Grandma.

Bad Family Photos: 14 More Funny & Stupid Relatives

Funny photos, funny videos, awesome art and design. Plus other cool and weird internet humor. Always SFW.


Bad Family Photos: 16 More Crazy, Awkward Kin

Make up your own quote, but I say kick up your feet and let loose.

Let's Rock...!!

-If you learn to play an instrument as a senior, just think of how many wonderful years you have left to enjoy it!


Bad Family Photos: 13 More Crazy Kin Pics

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