Zion Gate Jerusalem

*JERUSALEM ~ Zion Gate (Hebrew: שער ציון‎, Shaar Zion, Arabic: Bab Sahyun) also known in Arabic as Bab Harat al-Yahud ("Jewish Quarter Gate"), or Bab an-Nabi Dawud ("Prophet David Gate"), is one of eight gates in the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Sunrise

Jerusalem Sunrise with streaming golden rays of sun over Israel's capitol city…

Jewish cemetery on Mt. Of Olives

When visiting their loved-ones' graves, they place small stones on top - Jewish cemetery overlooking Jerusalem.

Jerusalem: Zachariah's Tomb in the Kidron Valley and Jewish cemetery of Mt. of Olives

This ornate tomb in the cemetery on the Mount Of Olives in Jerusalem belongs to Zachariah ben Jehoiada, who the Eastern Orthodox believe to be the father of John the Baptist


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Eilat, Israel

Eilat, Israel Eilat is where the desert meets the sea. It’s a beach town where the weather is always good and the food is excellent.