South Sinai, Egypt

** Veiled woman, South Sinai, Egypt woman of my country

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt. Egypt is the mos fascinating place I've ever been.

Egypt market in Cairo

Morocco, fruit and vegetable market


water melon cart in Cairo market


Cairo, Egypt 1977 - street scene with mosque and big-wheel donkey cart. the year of my first visit to Egypt ❤️

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt "Kiss me, darling!

Cairo street scene - saw many scenes like this around the souks in Cairo

Streets, Cairo street scene, the souks in Cairo


Bedouin Woman, Sinai, Egypt selling her wares. an amazing experience. The Bedouin peoples are the most hospitable on the planet.

.Cairo, Egypt.

W - Way of Life - El Fishawy coffee shop, Cairo, Egypt. We had cold drinks here while waiting to be picked up by our tour guide.

Cairo, Egypt

Bread - Street Market in Cairo, Egypt

Sinai, Egypt

Sinai, Israel, 1971 love the detail on the robe, many of the pictures have the face cover may need to think something like that up. gas mask like mask perhaps?

The Sphinx, Cairo, EGYPT

Touring Egypt on a camel.The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt.

Cairo, Egypt

Khan al-Khalili marketplace, Cairo.

#Cairo #Egypt

Al Azhar Mosque, Cairo, Egypt


Spice Market in Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Making hookahs in Cairo, Egypt