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Eating fruit helps to keep you healthy. And some look like vaginas.

Eating fruit helps to keep you healthy. And some look like vaginas.

〰 Yoni The portal to the everything and beyond. Where universe meets earth. Where our dreams transform and become the present. Watercolor by Liz Darling

sexy grapefruit.

I pretty much use this as a spank bank but I post other stuff too (art, poetry, random thoughts, etc.) You can check out photos of me by finding posts tagged "me".

Her Majesty (2013)  PRINT of an original watercolor by Meagan Segal. Hand-signed.    This beautiful and mildly humorous piece depicts the uterus

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Contraceptive methods still life.

Drop In Teen Pregnancies Is Due To More Contraceptives, Not Less Sex

6 things you probably didn't know about the birth control pill

The birth control pill is one of the most effective and widely used forms of contraception. It is about effective and the effects of the pill are completely

contraception e1299621843528 300x225 Contraception methods

There are still loopholes in contraceptive coverage that could make getting the right birth control challenging, time consuming and costly. Activists in California are working to change that.