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«Крой без тайн Л. Я. Красникова-Аксёнова»/шитье/.


«Крой без тайн Л. Я. Красникова-Аксёнова»/шитье/.

This easy-to-sew, narrow hem is perfect for fine and delicate fabrics. Watch this Threads Essential Techniques video to learn how.

Video: Sew a Hand-Rolled Hem

VIDEO: How to Sew A Hand Rolled Hem This+easy-to-sew,+narrow+hem+is+perfect+for+fine+and+delicate+fabrics.+Watch+this+Threads+Essential+Techniques+video+to+learn+how.

Устранение дефектов брюк

Altering the crotch of trousers for a perfect fit - Устранение дефектов брюк