Рыжий Авокадо

Рыжий Авокадо

Рыжий Авокадо
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Fermentation: An essential variable for coffee quality - and often glanced over.

ermentation is the transformation of substances through enzymes into other substances, it is used every day in products such as alcoholic drinks (wine

Pastoral: showing coffee beans in natural growing state to show connection with nature we may forget comes from the cup

Pastoral: showing coffee beans in natural growing state. When the Little coffee plants reach this state, they can leave the "nursery" and are planted in a garden-like setting. In order to be planted on the plantation, they must be between months old.

coffee cherries

Repost from Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Co. and Anthony Auger. These cherries were taken from trees in our variety garden at Finca El Manzano.