это же из фетра...?

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someone is holding up a small card with a guitar and cat design on the front
fieltro holder
three small ornaments are hanging from chains on a table
MatchaPuff | Etsy
a close up of a stuffed animal with a pink bow
значок из фетра сахарный кролик
an odd looking stuffed animal sitting next to a fake tooth
newjeans goods | save = follow
a pink frame with two girls in it and a star on the side, holding an envelope
Mini Albums, Tela, K Pop, New Jeans Style, Kpop, Album
newjeans goods | save = follow
a hand holding a pink cell phone with buttons and stickers on the front cover
three small baby toys are sitting on the table with one bear and two other bears
three keychains with cartoon characters on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
a close up of small toys on a table with white doily and other items
Значок из фетра котик с клубникой
an earbud holder made to look like a bunny
an assortment of animal shaped stickers on a piece of paper
there are some felt decorations on top of the paper and it looks like they have been made into a frame
a pink flower with yellow stars on it's center and the letter e in the middle