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DIY Cut out T-shirts

Oh You Crafty Gal: DIY Cut Out T Shirts. I just found how I am going to revamp the T-shirts that I hate Shirt Womens Shirt Crafts Shirt Cute

DIY Cut and reweave the back of a shirt

Create DIY for this, I guessing you are going to need to use 2 shirts, cut the one you'll wear with the side slits. Then cut strips out of Tshirt, sew into the inside of the first shirt at the top then weave and sew to the bottom of shirt.

Braided t-shirt.

Make sure you use a t shirt with very thin, light material. I used a band shirt because I thought it would be so cute but it ended up being thick and stiff. It definitely was easy though! -TM Cute bathing suit cover up:)

DIY: Galaxy Shirt

DIY: Galaxy Shirt Just buy a cheap white shirt, some tye dye paint from the dollar store or a craft store and keep dipping and splattering.

Shisei Kuwabara, 1991, Moscow

Shisei Kuwabara, 1991, Moscow

When you tuned your radio into a pop station today in 1975 you would have most certainly heard The Doobie Brothers singing their newest released song - 'Black Water.'

The Doobie Brothers - Black Water. Why do I remember hearing this play on the radio in the locker room after grade gym class?

Love both of these movies.

onlyfatrabbit: Alice sits holding a tea cup and talks to Dorothy. “I’ve seen some weird shit.” (via Alice tells Dorothy about Wonderland. What, the Wizard is crap?