PAINTING REALITY - Germany - 500 liters of waterbased environmentally-friendly paint on asphalt spread by 2000 cars on Rosenthaler Platz Berlin. By IEPE & the anonymous crew. Directed by AKIZ


Des femmes et des robots vintages

Anne Francis with Robbie the Robot star's of Sci-Fi classic 1956 Forbidden Planet. Made in 1956 and STILL one of the best science fiction movies ever made. See a very young Leslie Nielsen as the ship captain when he was known as a dramatic actor!

Rad Robot Costume

Rad Robot Costume

Get the kids involved in making homemade Halloween costumes. The Rad Robot Costume can be made from items you find around the house, which makes it totally affordable. Elementary-aged boys will love this Halloween costume idea.

Human Robot

- ECCE Human Robot presented by Hugo Gravato Marques. It has muscles and tendons and it's clumsy as hell, just like a real human.

Love me

Forbidden Planet Robby the Robot 1956 Science Fiction Cult Movie Posters Anne Francis Photos


The auction price for the star robot of the 1956 sci-fi classic "Forbidden Planet" is tops for a movie prop.

I'm here by Spike jonze

I found this short movie by Spike Jonze titled I'm here. It has as protagonists two robots. Is a sweet story of love that gently touched my heart.

robot-sex-cartoon.jpg (445×309)

robot-sex-cartoon.jpg (445×309)

proportional_1000_Listfield_Scott_ROBOT_1000.jpg (750×1000)

A selection of paintings from the series "Astronaut Dinosaur" by American artist Scott ListField. Some twisted photo-realistic paintings of an astronaut

9ee27c16493ab77e0cfe24e15b2c76209bdf21a3_m.jpg (326×480)

the first known Japanese robot in humanoid form, Tokyo, 1932 .portrait of mitsui yasutaro + his robot CA.