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Галина Халяпина

Галина Халяпина
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Вязание шнура из завитков Урок 116 - YouTube

Curl for a cucumber. A lesson on knitting an element of Irish lace. Curl on the basis of caterpillar, tying - nodules and arches with pico.

Вязание листика крючком - YouTube

Irish Crochet is a great and incredibly unique technique in needlework. Irish lace is some of the most beautiful and intricate crochet work.

Irish crochet

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Outstanding Crochet: Irish Crochet. Where to learn. irish Crochet Lab.

Patterns are not Free but Irish Crochet Lab is a place where you will find information, needed to learn Irish Crochet Lace. ​ Free lessons that teach you basics of crochet also will prepare you for more advanced lessons in Irish Lace