Фрески, росписи, барельефы - Творческая мастерская Михайловых - Студия Марат Ка

Frescoes, paintings, bas-artists-Creative workshop of Mikhailov-studio Marat Ka

Diverse cool ideas for using stuff you don't want to totally get rid of.

A fantastic relief installation on walls by artist Maria Apelo Cruz. Link features more pics as well as white on white surface treatments. Plaster of Paris~ It is called 3 dimentional stenciling~

Talented Contractor Uses Ordinary Drywall To Create Stunning Works Of Art

An Artist Turns Humble Drywall Into Spectacular 3D Murals

Typically used to fill holes in the wall when decorating artist Bernie Mitchell has come up with a far more creative way to use drywall and the results really