Растения в контейнерах

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Cannas work well in containers- don't spread that way!- & this one with the burgundy striped leaves really makes a great fall statement. I like the zinc looking container too. Great planting combo with the grass, coleus, & highlights of orange.

I love this mix of orange canna, coleus, and purple sweet potato vine. Wish I knew what the lovely orange flowers are.but I can imagine this planting with nasturtiums or french marigold (especially in the bug deterence border)

Stunning shade planter! (Japanese forest grass, rubber plant, fuchsias, coleus)

Fabulous color combo of black ficus, coleus, sweet potato, jap forrest grass, duo begonia and fuchia.

Learn the designer secrets to these beautiful planting recipes. 24 stunning container garden designs with plant list for each and lots of inspirations! - A Piece Of Rainbow  http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/container-garden-planting-designs/

24 Stunning Container Garden Planting Designs

TOP: Durango Dahlia, Great Balls of Fire White Ivy Leaf Geranium, Yellow Petunia, Bidens ferulifolia ‘Bidy Gonzales‘ BOTTOM: Cordyline fruticosa ( Ti Plant ), Burgundy Petunia

Summer planter with dahlias, geraniums etc.  like all the different textures & colours

Summer planter with dahlias, geraniums etc. like all the different textures & colours. Might include dalias as a tall center in pots in front of windows.

Sinds we  de grote vaas in de buxustuin hebben, ( zo'n 6 jaar) ben ik weer 'om' wat 1-jarigen betreft.         Daarvoor wist ik niet zo goe...

love the delicate flowers and color with the old galvanized container.pink geraniums, white lobelia and pink brachycome (swan river daisy).


Gardening Autumn - ljung,cyklamen,prydnadskål - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

Awesome idea:  An old floor lamp repurposed as a succulent garden.

This is brilliant! An old floor lamp turned into a planter pedestal. a GREAT idea for those old torchier lamps that catch fire. Gut them and use them as planters.

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potted garden - HOH Cyclamen, frost resistant for cool places indoors and outdoors. Autumn Heather, bud blooming for longer enjoyment. Chrysanthemums, early autumn flower that is sensitive to freezing temperatures.

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Wicker baskets hold topiaries – I love the elegant look of an all green and white garden. @ its-a-green-life