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an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with trees in the background
Tyrannosaurus mcraensis by Sergey Krasovskiy.
a painting of a dog laying on the ground with its head up and eyes closed
Tyrannosaurus mcraensis and prey by Zubin Erik Dutta.
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with its mouth open
Tyrannosaurus rex bull with mature red face and yellow patches caused by Trichomonosis infection.
By Bob Nicholls.
the emerald room book cover with an image of a woman in white dress and wizard hat
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur eating a carcass in the forest
a drawing of an animal standing next to a tree
Tyrannosaurus rex, Hank Sharpe
a close up of a statue of a dragon wearing armor with spikes on it's head
T-Rex blue with gold armor
an animal swimming in the water with other animals nearby
Joschua Knüppe (@JoschuaKnuppe) / X
an animal that is standing in the dark with it's head turned to the side
Tyrannosaurus Rex, Karisauria
an artist's rendering of a dinosaur with lightning in the sky above it and volcano in the background
jerry lofaro Merch Shop: Art, Posters & Prints
an animal with its head on another animal's back, in the middle of a field
What neck-biting Tyrannosaurus sex tells us about speculation in palaeoart