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This is great since we don't have any outdoor hose hookups! How to Build a Rain Barrel. A dual barrel system that uses atmospheric pressure to equalize the water volume in both rain barrels. Use the water from your rain barrels to water your plants.

5-Minute “Almost-No-Work” Plank Workout #GetFit

5 minute plank workout per day. Plank workout for Abs, Chest, Butt, Back & Core. Planking exercise for beginners.


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Чего мы не знаем про #строение_позвоночника и его функции

Чего мы не знаем про #строение_позвоночника и его функции

Инфографика: Какие продукты полезны для глаз.


Food for your Eyes (Infographic) and other vision news and information from NaturalEyeCare

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