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a red leather journal with arrows and letters on the cover, sitting on a wooden surface
Generations Photography and Gift Shoppe
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”. – Jennifer Lee. Our hand made leather compass journal is the perfect travel companion. #shoplocal #generations #travel #journal
a plate with a poem written on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to other plates
Generations Photography and Gift Shoppe
This time of year can be hard when you're missing someone special. Our memorial place setting can help keep their spirit with you. Hand painted and kiln fired by our local artist #summerhousepottery no two are exactly alike. #shopsmall #shoplocal #generations #memorialplate
a white plate with the words it's your special day written on it
Generations Photography and Gift Shoppe
Make someone's day extra special with our hand painted Special Day plate. Life is short so celebrate the little things and turn them into big memories! #generations #summerhousepottery #shopsmall #shoplocal #madelocal #supportlocalartists
a white plate that says today is your day on it
Generations Photography and Gift Shoppe
Do you love to celebrate the little victories in life? We've got a plate for that, for anything from your kid cleaning their rooms to you crossing off that To DO list. Use this plate to celebrate the little accomplishments or the big ones! #locallymade #shoplocal #shopsmall #supportlocalsrtists
a crocheted white sweater with a red apple on it and a tag hanging from the front
Are you looking for a unique baby gift that will be the talk of the baby shower? We have them here and we can even gift wrap it for you too! #shoplocal #handmade #madelocal #babygifts #supportlocalartists