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cool things to 3d print

Bored of pointless printer projects? Presenting a list of cool things to print which are genuinely useful.

Wire/Cable Holder by tleary - Thingiverse

Snap style wire or cable holder. Has screw/bolt hole to attach to whatever you need to hold wire or cable for.

Button 2.0 turns any shirt into a convenient headphone wrangler

It's pure genius and and yet so simple! This shirt button not only functions as a traditional "button", but it also holds the cord for your ear buds. Ok now just need to learn how to sew .

Picture of Lemonator!  3D printed juice squeezer of awesomeness *updated*

Picture of Lemonator! printed juice squeezer of awesomeness *updated*

Hooked on 3D Printing - Tessa's Weekly Picks -  Make it LEO

Hooked on Printing - Tessa's Weekly Picks. Each of Tessa’s weekly picks is a curated group of printed designs, based on the week’s chosen theme. Make it LEO

Available in a wide range of colors! Dont see the color you want? Just let me know! (Pictured in Green)  This iPhone 6/6+ dock/Apple watch stand is

Available in a wide range of colors! (Pictured in Green) This iPhone dock/Apple watch stand is