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Jan Van Huysum was the brother of Jacob Van Huysum, the son of the flower painter Justus Van Huysum, and the grandson of Jan Van Huysum I, who is said to have been expeditious in decorating doorways, screens and vases.


Torque (Grivna) with Terminals in the Shape of aTiger. Date: Sakae Culture. Place of finding: Siberian collection of Peter I. Material: gold and turquoise.

Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham (c.1547 - 1603) | The Weiss Gallery

1597 Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham by Robert Peake the Elder (Weiss Gallery - London UK). Catherine Carey was a close lady-in-waiting, confidant, and the cousin of Queen Elizabeth I, via Mary Boleyn.