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an oval shaped box with a painting of a woman in green and gold on it
Traveling Minstrel | Alla Kozlova | Fedoskino
an animal in a glass bowl on a white tablecloth with the image of a walpopotamus
Artico, 2013
a glass vase with an image of a squirrel and other animals on it's side
two tins with pictures of birds and flowers on them sitting on a table next to each other
Feodorova, Tatiana 28x8.5x5 2007
a tin box with a painting of a woman holding an umbrella in the snow on it
Федоскино, лаковая миниатюра.
a clock with a woman sitting on it's face in front of the moon
Melek tombak pano
a plate with a painting of a woman floating in the ocean on it's side
a woman wearing a hat and holding a bird in her hand is shown on a necklace
a woman wearing a blue hat with feathers on it's head is shown in this pendant
a woman wearing a large red hat on top of a glass plate with a beaded necklace
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there is a painting on the wall next to a teddy bear
an egg with a painting on it sitting on a table
Kozlov, Sergey. 8.5 1991