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a painting of a woman with long black hair and angel wings on her shoulder, holding a cell phone
My sakura fairy
This is part of an art collab I did with amaafairy🌸💗 her side of the art collab is posted on instagram!
Christian Dior, Alexander Mcqueen, Dior, Christian Dior Couture, Christian Dior Haute Couture, Jeanne D Arc, Dior Couture, The Face Magazine, Dress Armor
The Dark Knight Returns Alexander Mcqueen & Jeremy Scott by Sean Ellis for THE FACE 1998.
an image of a woman with her arms spread out and dripping water on her body
a woman is submerged in the water with her eyes closed and blood dripping all over her face
a woman with white hair and chains on her head
颂魂者 oneoff, feng yangkun
a ghostly woman in a white dress standing in an empty room with columns and paintings on the walls
a painting of a man walking through the woods