Грачёва Светлана Андриановна

Грачёва Светлана Андриановна

Грачёва Светлана Андриановна
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these superb illustrations that Lesley Barnes did for an exhibition called The Enchanted Forest, which was held back in and that marked 200 years of Grimm fairytales. The work is fresh to me though, and looks

Jack Daly Illustration

archatlas: “ Wanderlust AlphabetThere’s a saying “do what you love and love what you do”, Jack Daly loves illustration, typography and travel which is how his most recent project was born, titled.

Love this self-initiated project featuring typographic illustrations, created by…

I love travel, illustration and type so mixing all three seemed like a great idea to me. That's how my Wanderlust Alphabet series started, where I illustrate letters of the alphabet with cities I've …


A Glaswegian-wonder form of art, illustration and typography all in one project; Jack Daly designs an alphabet called The Wanderlust Alphabet which includes cities in letters.

An American and a British Naval Vessel during the War of 1812 (Derek Gardner)

An American and a British naval vessel during the War of 1812 by Derek Gardner is estimated to sell for to at Bonhams next auction of Marine Art on September in New Bond Street, London.