CANON Mark I PRO – 2012 – Calculator (I am not exactly sure why I'm pinning a calculator but it looks cool)

Product Presentation, Presentation Layout, Design Language, Headphones, Product Design, Headset, Interface Design, Ui Design, Layout Book

From "This Means War" film; Production and post production screen graphics, Screen Design, Interactive Playback, Looping Elements by Decca Digital

THAW: Hybrid Interactions with Phones on Computer Screens by the Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab.

THAW: Hybrid Interactions with Phones on Computer Screens THAW is a novel interaction system that allows a collocated large display and small handheld devices to seamlessly work together. The smartphone acts both as a physical…


Project Cantilever Client Yamaha, Japan Production 2008 (not in production)

Texting with Bus Time

Futures of text. A survey of all the current innovation in text as a medium

Myo - Gesture control armband by Thalmic Labs

Thalmic Labs Myo Gesture Control Armband for Presentations, Black


Designed for MUJI by Sam Hecht in Second Phone was the first technology product from Industrial Facility.


Manufactured by IDEA, Japan, this ultra-minimalist calculator is any mechanical keyboard fans dream. The 10 Key Calculator, according to Yanko Design, is an

On ChatGrape, your files come to you

On ChatGrape, your files come to you

Jacob Grubbe

When you start typing, you won't get the words you expected. Quite a playful twist on the contact page, from the creative director of Stink Digital Berlin.