patron de blusa corte ranglan

Raglan blouse - note: the middle of the front and the crease of the sleeve don't quite make a angle

inclinação de manga cabeça de manga

Changing the shape and height of the sleeve-cap alters the angle that the sleeve joins to the bodice and how restricted or not the movement of the arm will be.

Inspiration - pleated sleeve with angled cuff detail -sugardale: That Wool Dress:

Hyperventilating this is so beautiful. ~~~ sugardale: That Wool Dress: detail mouw

patrones de mangas

[SLEEVE PATTERN] Original page is in Russian - will need to translate I copy & paste into Chrome browser & they ask if you want translated.answer yes & they translate to English.not but understandable

cowl sleeve

Place pattern ON instead of bias grain to make pointed sleeve. Use shaped shoulder pads if necessary to maintain shape.

Elementos de modelagem de roupas femininas. Fale com LiveInternet - serviço russo on-line Diaries

Modeling elements of women's clothing. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian…

Расчет оката рукава. Техника кроя.

Расчет оката рукава. Техника кроя.


PUFF SLEEVE TUTORIAL FOR COSPLAY AND PERIOD DRESS! There’s a lot of disjointed info out there about making puffy sleeves, and I thought it might be helpful to gather (ha) everything I’ve learned/found online in one place. Puff sleeves, more accuratel


Lifted, pointed blazer or jacket shoulder with shoulder pad [Moldes Moda por…