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Utilize a blank wall for an art area in your kids' playroom. Hang a magnetic board for displaying artwork and use magazine racks for coloring books and paper. Simple hanging storage pods (ikea has great ones) house markers, crayons and other art supplies.

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I love HGTVs idea to organize kids crafts and toys. Low drawers/ bin lined shelves at kid-level, built-in desktop, chalboard and bullentin board make this armoire an Art-Smart Space!

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fabric pockets for art tables — kokokoKIDS: Kids Craft Area and Art Supplies Organization

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A wall mounted desk is such a space-saver. Multi-functional, convenient, and also simply trendy it can aid you create an useful home office in a snap. Its significant benefit over a regular desk is that it does not take up a great deal of precious area.

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Storage Solutions for Small Spaces Get a handle on your craft/office supplies by using a pegboard above a desk. You don’t need a separate room for your office or crafts. This desk would look lovely tucked in the corner of your living room or bedroom.

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Affordable Craft Room Ideas - Using Ikea Kids Storage and Re-Store Counter Tops OOO Lego storage idea!

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Open the door to creativity by giving lil ones access to the tools they need to create their masterpieces. Over at Modern Parents Messy Kids, one smart mama

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Organize It! Creative Ways to Store Craft Supplies: A hanging canvas shoe organizer doubles as window treatment and craft supply storage