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"He’d been thanking Caoimhe for taking the couch ever since they moved in to the small apartment, because he’d never be able to stand the pungent, herby smells that emanated from her ingredients in their jars on the bookcase in the front room.

brown dress with white dots

She always books the night flight since she adores that view outside the window, the 3 layers of the sky: the stars, the clouds and the space hanging in between.

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Writing inspiration: The phone booth call. "Pick up the phone at the nearest train station. You'll received instructions from there.

Sea Witch: #Sea #Witch.

If so, then it was also here where I came to know I can survive what hurts. I believed in my capacity to stand back up and run into the waves again and again, no matter the risk.--Terry Tempest Williams - Photo by Igor Koshelev