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MTG-G1000AR-1A — "утонувшее сокровище" G-Shock от 1900$

MTG-G1000AR-1A — "утонувшее сокровище" G-Shock от 1900$

Effortlessly Cool Men's Jacket - Touring Leather Coat - Carbon2Cobalt

Shop stylish assortment of Men's and Women's Clothes, Footwear and accessories - casual, timeless and effortlessly cool. $205 Nicholas K Grim Reaper Coat

Grim Reaper Coat Although people claim I'm "To old" to dress up for Halloween, I do it anyways. I plan on being the grim reaper this year, and it's gonna be awesome.

NICHOLAS K* Outerwear "Lennon" Jacket

Jace's jacket, although not as new looking, maybe with a lot of patches. The boy makes due, and likes covering himself up as much as possible, and this does hide a lot fo details.