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a person sitting at a table with playing cards on it and candles in front of them
an outdoor table with food and drinks on it overlooking the ocean in positi, italy
Villa Treville in Positano 😍😋 ~ #positano #italia #breakfast #amalficoast ... Check more at h...
a man and child are in a boat on the water
Snowy mornings at the lake with you — Moments of Wild
a wooden table topped with plates of food
grayskymorning: Courtney Steeves (Still, That Kind of Woman)
two people sitting next to each other near a campfire
three different pictures of the same person in bikinis and barefoot shoes at the beach
Story praia
a woman laying on top of a sandy beach
Praia Praiana
two footprints in the sand next to an ocean shore with words august written on it
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cozy van life☆
a woman cooking food out of an open camper door on a foggy day
van living
a kitchen with a stove top oven next to a window
a tent is set up on the shore of a lake at sunset
Lake Tahoe's Least Crowded and Most Photogenic Campsite
a man sitting on top of a blanket next to food
two women sitting at a picnic table with food on it and the sun setting in the background
an open book, cup of tea and cookies on a blanket by the water
a person sitting in a kayak with food and drinks on the water's edge
Завтрак на озере