Photography by Landon Jacob Productions /, Planning by Italia Celebrations /

Italian Wedding from Landon Jacob Productions & Italia Celebrations

Blue Vaspa

Travel in Italian Style on Vespa.--love the tardis blue vespa but especially the flower dress

Valentino ...made in Italy

Valentino Photo Martin Schoeller --**i don't like this picture for the type of message it gives.but i love the minimalistic use of color and how beautifully the red pops out.

G. Ferre'

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Emilio Pucci book (features photos and drawings from the archive of the Emilio Pucci Foundation).

SAB MILLER - PERONI - Make it more Italian | Brand Union

Peroni is a beer with authentic Italian roots. Its packaging design emphasises Italian 'cool', making it an appealingly premium-looking brand for a global audience


Coffee is an integral part of the Italian cuisine. A lot of our coffee drinks that we have today originated from Italy.

Radio Televisione Italiana

Di spieghero` in Aula come non pagare il canone Rai

Lake Como ..... Lago di Como ...

Gate entry to the Lake Como in Italy. Looks like the gates to Paradise, doesn't it? Gate entry to the Lake Como in Italy Image Gallery

Emilio Pucci

The costumes Emilio Pucci created for Rita Ora's upcoming Radioactive Tour feature key themes