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CHUM Research Center by NIPPAYSAGE « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine


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Nowe osiedle we Wrocławiu. Będzie jak przyjazne do życia miasteczko


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Gallery of Urban Current[s] Competition Entry / L+CC + Taller 301 + openfabric - 11
York Forest Toronto Waterfront Competition — STIMSON


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Kv Dekanen: The Garden Puzzle | &Rundquist &Rundquist
Architects McDowell+Benedetti have completed Castleford Bridge at Castleford in West Yorkshire, England.


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an image of the brain with different types of animals and plants on it's side
Plasticus Maximumus
There’s an invasive species in our oceans: Plasticus maritimus. It’s a threat to our world. What is it? What can we do about it? You can download the Parent & Teacher Companion Guide here. When she was young, biologist Ana Pêgo didn’t play in a backyard, but on a beach. She walked along the shore, looked at tide pools, and collected fossils. As she grew older, Pêgo noticed a new species at the seaside: plastic. She decided to collect it, study it, and give it a Latin name—Plasticus maritimus—to
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идеи оформления сторис - для сотрудничества
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an image of two umbrellas with trees in the background