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a person holding a sandwich with meat and cheese in their left hand as if they were about to eat it
Yummy Salami Sandwich in Buenos Aires
Not stingy at all with the Salami but with the cheese!!!!
Confused Europeans Thanksgiving Edition
a white plate topped with fried chicken, rice and lemon wedges
Sweet and Sour Schnitzle
Interesting Thai / German fusion version of a Schnitzel. We tried it at the Schnitzel Shack in Rincon near Savannah
German Tree Cake Baumkuchen Recipe, Chocolate Covered Cake, Tree Cake, Beautiful Chocolate, Layered Cake, Tree Cakes, Conventional Oven, Cake Cover
Making The Famous Baumkuchen At Café Rudolph - Bad König - For 91 Days Travel Blog
Making The Famous Baumkuchen At Café Rudolph in Bad König, Odenwald. In this article you can watch them how they make this beautiful chocolate covered cake.
The Wheelchair Platter at Chef Jerome's Old School Diner near Savannah Old School Diner, Couple Friends, Wheel Chair, Clam Bake, Crutches, Unhealthy Food, Wheelchair, Good Time
Chef Jerome and The Old School Diner - For 91 Days in Savannah - Travel Blog
If you order and eat the whole wheelchair platter at Chef Jerome's Old School Diner - then they might need to wheel you out - the also of crutches if needed. Heheh!
Georgia Style Fried Pickles Paula Deen, Georgia Style, Seafood Lasagna, Captain Flint, Pickle Slices, Fried Pickles, Robert Louis, Treasure Island
Arrrr, Matey! Dinner at the Pirate's House - For 91 Days in Savannah - Travel Blog
When in Georgia, try to find a restaurant serving fried pickles. We had those at the Pirate's House in Savannah and we loved them
Eggplant Glam Shot No Filter
Leopold's Ice Cream Parlor in Savannah - Time for Tutti Frutti Red Doors, Flavored Ice, Flavor Ice, Ice Cream Parlor, Savannah Georgia, Red Door, Tutti Frutti
Photos from Savannah: Red Doors and More - For 91 Days in Savannah - Travel Blog
When you're in Savannah you need to go to the Leopold's Ice Cream Parlos - the inventors of the Tutti Frutti rum flavored ice ceam.
Haruto Sushi Bar in Valencia, Spain
All American Breakfast Plate All American Breakfast, Ground Beef Eggs, Breakfast Diner, Greasy Spoon, Eggs Toast, Amazing Breakfast, American Breakfast, Breakfast Plate
Clary's for Breakfast! - For 91 Days in Savannah - Travel Blog
Ground Beef, Eggs, toast and of course potatoes! We had an amazing breakfast at the Calry's Breakfast Diner in Savannah. YUMMY!
Greek Yogurt with Pomegranate
Fresh Bread in Savannah Back In The Day Bakery, On The Corner, Fresh Bread, Freshly Baked, Bread Baking, Back In The Day, Savannah Chat
Back in the Day Bakery - For 91 Days in Savannah - Travel Blog
Are you looking for freshly baked bread in Savannah, Georgia? Then the Back in the Day Bakery is for you and of course for me!
Hangover Food Hangover Food, The Hangover, Minced Meat, Cabbage Rolls, People Living, Rolls, Meat, Festival
Pelota Hangover Food
In cabbage rolled minced meat seems to be the hangover cure for the people living in Benissa. They were yummy, even though we didn't have hangover.
some fried food on a wooden plate with lettuce
Filled an fried pockets - Food of Asturias
These little treasures are so delicious - deep friend and breaded dough pockets with with mushroom. We had those at the restaurant Tierra Astur.
two biscuits on a plate with butter and ketchup
Mintxos de Benimantell
A unique dish from the town we stayed for a weekend - Mintxos de Benimantell. Yummy and doesn't contain meat.