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Roman Aqueduct near Albarracín - Province of Teruel
Fun little thing do to when you're visiting Teruel - a stretch of a Roman Aqueduct, going through a hill!
Lovely Albarracin
You can watch the full video via the link! A town well worth a visit.
Lavra Train in Lisbon Good Things
Die Lavra Standseilbahn und der Torel Garten, Toller Ausflug
Wild Boar Paradise Beach in Malaysia
When the sun sets at the Emerald Beach, the wild boar come out.
vortex tower scam in Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, 91 Days, Travel Blog, It Hurts, Apartment, Turn Ons
An Apartment Booking Scam in Kuala Lumpur - For 91 Days Travel Blog
What started out as desposity withholding scam turned into a full blown up scheme to scam tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur.
Taksim Square Mosque in Istanbul
Beautiful mosque in the heart of Istanbul.
Escalators are crazy in Kuala Lumpur
Library of Congress in Washington DC
Taekwondo in Bangkok
Bangkok evening vibes
Snyder Park Ohio Frosty Fall Moments
Ready for a super relaxing video where we show off Ohio's fiolage change. Captured this video at Snyder Park in Springfield, Oh. The full video can be watched for free via the link.
Fall Foliage in Springfield Ohio