Art of Books

With papers books ceding to digital, here are some creations from books that will get your book lover's soul wanting to buy them all for your personal library.
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two christmas presents are sitting next to each other on a table with deer and pine cones
Pickle Book Page Ornament
Join the Pickle ornament holiday fun with this Pickle Ornament! Tradition says to simply hide the pickle ornament on your tree on Christmas Eve and the first person to find it Christmas morning gets a reward. Whether that’s an extra gift, or being the first person to open presents, kids are sure to love this spirited holiday tradition.
a cup filled with coffee sitting on top of a wooden table next to christmas decorations
Coffee Cup Book Page Ornament
Celebrate your love of coffee with this unique handcrafted Coffee Cup Ornament! Featuring a travel coffee cup with lid, and accented with a book page coffee sleeve featuring your chosen theme, our Coffee Cup Ornament comes individually boxed for future storage or easy gifting.
a woman is holding a cup with an ornament in it while wearing a scarf
a snowman ornament sitting on top of a table next to christmas presents
Book Page Snowman
Crafted from books, this Snowman ornament is sure to be a unique gift for the holidays!
an ornament shaped like a heart hanging from a ribbon on a wooden table
a snowman made out of toilet paper sitting on a table next to christmas decorations
Christmas Snowman Ornament
Share your love of books with this handcrafted Book Page Snowman Ornament!