vintage everyday: Soviet Pin-Up Style – 45 Fun and Flirty Images from the Merging of Soviet Social Posters with American Pin-Up Art

"Slava velikomu Stalinu" "Viva el Gran Stalin"

The most common masonic hand signs are the "hidden hand" and the "devil's horn". Many famous people, including Pope Francis, have flashed these hand signs.

1940s- Joseph Stalin was the leader of the USSR after Lenin. He was a harsh, overbearing, and repressive ruler who murdered over 10 million Soviet citizens in gulags. He was also responsible for officially beginning WW2 when he invaded East Poland.

26 June 1945 establishes the highest military rank — Generalissimo of the Soviet Union

Valery Barykin

Guess what could happen if we mix American Pin-up illustration style with classic Russian posters! Valery Barykin, a Russian artist made the experiment with an awesome final result!

Плакат "Туризм - лучший отдых!", М. Нестерова. Изд. "Искусство", 1946 г.

Плакат "Туризм - лучший отдых!", М. Нестерова. Изд. "Искусство", 1946 г.

Drawn during the cold war, this  soviet propaganda poster shows a young red with an unkind word for our Uncle Sam who here is depicted as a real trouble maker. Our depiction of the Russian bear was at least as negative in those days.

The Greatest Soviet Propaganda Posters Ever