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For people who are looking to become landlords in London, far too many do not realize that they simply are not able to just purchase a property and start renting it out. Instead, it is necessary to obtain landlord testing certifications,

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Electrical faults can lead to major harm to those inside the building. As a matter of fact, many incidents at work are due to defects in the wiring and cables. For example, shocks from defective

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tx- Representing the best in electrical engineering and building services. We've worked almost everywhere from many years ago. Facility Innovation Group is a full service contractor with over two decades of experience and many satisfied customers

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If your electrical appliances need service and repair, you can call us today. We offer high standard emergency services that our rivals are trying unsuccessfully to clone. Hire us today and you will be glad you did.

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Our Services include repair & maintenance, installation, and upgrades.Our Electricians have the skills and know how to meet your requirements.

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Service Upgrades in Facilities Management.

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The electrician market is set to boost earnings. If you’ve ever considered getting started on your electrician business, now is the perfect time to start!

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Underground Service Repair or Installation.

Electrical Service from Hell.

Electrical Service from Hell.

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Gas & Boiler repair and service.